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Privacy Notice

TechHeperdesk is a blog and an ally in making the evolving and complex technological world accessible by all; whether one is a professional or a tech hobbyist, by providing you with a comprehensive user-friendly and approachable tech guide that transforms the complex into an understandable one. Our drive is to unravel technical terminology, simplify procedures, and provide users with insights tailored to user tech proficiency and solutions/needs.

To render user-specific tech guides, respond to queries, and manage suggestions for improved content, we collect user personal information such as name and contact email. These pieces of information are only required while you fill out our contact form to identify and address respondents. Additionally, they are used to directly or indirectly identify you as an individual.

Furthermore, for transparency and promotion of content integrity, user names, emails, and websites are requested while commenting on posts. This is to ensure that comments, contributions, and remarks are credited to individuals and not machines or TechHelperdesk.

This notice sets out why and how we collect and use your data and your rights to how we use your personal information. Your data will be processed per the relevant Data Protection Regulation and Identity Protection as the information available with us is not shared or transferred to another user, organisation or entity.

Cookie Policy

Browser cookies are files that are created by a web server and saved to your phone, tablet, or computer by your web browser to improve your browsing experience. These blocks of information stored in cookies enable your computer or other device to recognise if you’ve visited a website before. They enable a website to better understand how its users relate to it and their preferences during a session.

This blog uses Google Analytics, the widespread and trusted analytics solutions available, to enable us to understand both how visitors use the site, and also how we can improve their experience. The cookies may track your browsing activities such as how long you spend on the blog and the pages you’ve visited. This anonymised data helps us understand what content our users want and appreciate. Some content such as Google ads on our blog is provided by Google as a third party. A page containing such content usually has a cookie set.

You can prevent the setting of cookies by adjusting the settings on your browser (refer to your browser’s Help on how to do this). However, please note that disabling cookies might affect the functionality of our blog, as it may disable features that are embedded into our web content.